About us

 Ernest Hemingway once said: „One cat just leads to another”, and this is what happened to our family…


When we  made together a decision about creating a cattery of purebred cats, we started to find out as much information as possible about different cat breeds. Having looked through numerous cat albums and feline websites, we decided to have British Shorthair Cat. Its personality, strength, friendly and sweet at the same time appearance made our choice quite simple.


We were especially impressed by the unique beauty of rare Cameo colour. We were enchanted by cats from EstiBri *PL Cattery. Immediately we wanted to have such a kitten but , unfortunately, there weren’t any cameo kittens available at that time in that cattery. So we started to search far and wide until we came across a beautiful cameo female kitten in NoDemetra Cattery in Latvia. And so it started….


At present we have five breeding female cats in cameo colour and also in golden colour which is our second love.


And as for the cattery that inspired us and still does  – the EstiBri*PL  Cattery- its owner Estera Rabiniak became our mentor and supporter. Thanks to her knowledge, good advice and friendship we can develop, prosper and master our breeding skills, for which we warmly thank her!


Our cattery is registered in FIFe ( CCAmber) and in WCF (PZF). But since FIFe doesn’t acknowledge the ds/ny 12 colour ( chinchilla ), and such are our female cats, our chinchilla kittens will receive their pedigrees in WCF.


Our cats are taken care of  by vets from the Futrzak Veterinary Clinic in Wejherowo: Ms Beata Kalasznikow, Ms Emilia Janik and Mr Krzysztof Kalasznikow, whom we are grateful for their professionalism, commitment and good heart.



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