Terms of purchasing a kitten

Kittens leaving our cattery receive:

  • a pedigree issued by FIFe or WCF
  • a layette ( toys and food) for the first few days in a new house,
  • a CD with photos and films since the kitten’s birth,
  • a passport with all the information confirming vaccinations and deworming,
  • the microchip– the kitten will be chipped with its unique number on it that can be read with a scanner. In case the kitten gets lost, it is much easier to find it and bring it home. Besides, if your kitten has a microchip , you can travel together all over the world- so, you can go on holiday together with your feline friend !
  • kittens bought as pets , not for breeding, will undergo early castration or sterilization in our cattery: in this way, you will avoid the stress and the costs connected with carrying out the treatment.-

Important information and terms of reserving a kitten:

  • our kittens leave our cattery no sooner than after they are 12 weeks old. However, we reserve the right to let the kitten go after the kitten is 14 weeks old. Longer residing with the kitten’s mother is beneficial for its socialization process,
  • Also the decision of keeping our kitten for breeding in our cattery may be the reason for refusing to sell it. In this case, the paid deposit will be fully refunded to the buyer.
  • each kitten will receive a layette with its favourite toys and food for the first few days in the new house,
  • we will gladly stay in touch with our kittens,
  • any kind of help and advice in raising kittens will be willingly offered by our cattery,
  • we will be grateful for photos of our kitten in its new house and for any information about its development,
  • we would be honoured if our kittens had their own website and would be successful at cat shows.

Kittens for breeding

Not every  kitten is suitable for breeding purposes! It takes special features to be one. Only the best in their breed kittens are chosen for this process. There will not always be a possibility to buy a kitten for breeding in each litter. We will help in choosing the best kitten with pleasure.

The price and terms of purchasing a kitten for breeding will be considered and discussed individually.

Kittens for breeding  will only be sold to catteries registered in organizations which are members of World Cat Congress.

We hope that our kittens will have a lot of successes at cat shows and will pass all the best genes inherited from their parents to their litter.


We do not sell kittens without a pedigree!

Purebred kitten= kitten with an original international pedigree, issued by an organization belonging to World Cat Congress (WCC)!

Don’t let the pseudo-catteries cheat you! Check  who issued the pedigree of your kitten and what information it includes. A real pedigree means 4 or 5 documented generations of the kitten’s ancestors! The price of FIFe or WCF pedigree is about 30 PLN.